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Glossary overview

Hotel Online Marketing Tools

Armin Gögele, last updated on September 12, 2023

What are Hotel Online Marketing Tools?

Hotel online marketing tools are programs, softwares or automations that support the hotelier in marketing the hotel. There are various tools that simplify the functions and applications of online marketing, for example, hotel online marketing tools that evaluate data or provide certain analyses.

Benefits of Hotel Online Marketing Tools

Hotel online marketing tools simplify hotel marketing and help analyze data and evaluate results. In addition, many of the tools also help with data processing and automate certain processes. This means that hoteliers and hotel marketing managers can often create marketing campaigns intuitively, and the overall process becomes more understandable.


This, of course, also has an impact on labor costs in the hotel industry. With the right online marketing tools in the hotel, staff can be deployed where they are most needed. Hotel employees can therefore be more effective in their possibly more administrative work.

The Most Important Questions About Hotel Online Marketing Tools

What is an Online Marketing Tool?

Hotel online marketing tools can be used in many different areas. Tools that either simplify or automate online marketing for hotels can be used for content marketing or graphic design. But also for the automated use of guest data in the hotel software or for email marketing (e.g. for newsletters) the use of online marketing tools is useful. For example, the ADDITIVE+ tools are suitable for all sub-areas, e.g. in the area of marketing automation for hotels, voucher marketing and newsletter marketing for hotels, and can be optimally coordinated with each other.

What marketing tools are there for hotels?

Online marketing tools make it possible to automate hotel marketing and to track the data obtained. First and foremost, hotel software and hotel CRM are important for data processing and storage. For example, the ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER tool supports the creation of emotionally appealing emails, and the ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS tool is useful for voucher management in the hotel. Marketing automation software, such as ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, can also be used to automate marketing and communication with new and returning guests. This data-driven, automated form of online hotel marketing not only saves time, but also delivers better marketing results due to its efficiency. Other marketing tools include graphic tools, content creation tools, and social media planning tools.

What tools are available for online marketing?

In online marketing there is a tool to simplify almost every area. Similar to hotel marketing, there are tools for data analysis, such as Google Analytics, or direct marketing tools, such as email newsletter systems, a CRM, a CMS (content management system), or even tools for direct advertising.