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Glossary overview

Voucher System

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 18, 2023


The term "voucher system" is an umbrella term for voucher software that enables the creation, design and monitoring of vouchers. In the hotel industry, in combination with a holistic hotel management software that is PMS compatible, it offers the possibility to automate customer relations and all other measures that belong to guest management.  

Integrating a voucher system into the hotel website and hotel software

Ideally, hotel voucher systems can be integrated as a voucher store into the hotel website and especially into the hotel software or PMS (Property Management System). With an integrated voucher store, (potential) guests and prospects can easily create, personalize, pay for and print vouchers online. Thanks to the integration with the PMS, the vouchers are automatically recorded in the hotel system.   

Benefits of a Hotel Voucher System

Voucher marketing with its own online voucher system is considered an important sub-discipline of hotel online marketing.


The biggest advantage for the hotel industry is the additional revenue: hotels also benefit from the fact that about 30% of all vouchers are never redeemed. Other benefits include increased brand awareness and new customer acquisition. A voucher app can be used to attract new guests or target groups, as well as to retain existing customers. Accordingly, a fully automated voucher software for the hotel has a positive effect in terms of relieving the management, increasing sales and guest loyalty.


For guests, a clear and easy-to-use voucher system with flexible payment methods offers the advantage of being able to benefit from discounts and rebate promotions in an uncomplicated manner, thus providing an intrinsic motivation to stay with the hotel booking.

Key questions about voucher systems for hotels:

How do you know if a hotel voucher system is profitable?

By analyzing and evaluating specific data, online voucher systems can also provide performance measurement and regular, clear reporting. This provides an automatic insight into the development and sales figures. 

What are the requirements for a good hotel voucher software?

Important for a good hotel voucher software are the interface to the PMS, an intuitive handling for the user, secure online payment options, flexible voucher types, the use of the hotel's corporate design with a lot of design freedom, seamless tracking and much more. ADDITIVE+ Vouchers fulfills all these aspects.

What role does the voucher system play in guest loyalty?

A voucher system can strengthen guest loyalty by offering existing guests an attractive way to share their experience at the hotel and pass on gift vouchers to friends and family. This can help attract new potential guests and deepen relationships with existing guests.

How can hotels use a gift certificate system successfully?

Hotels should provide a user-friendly and engaging online voucher system, provide clear information about redemption terms and processes, and actively promote the system to encourage guests to purchase gift certificates. It is important to make the guest experience after redeeming the vouchers equally positive to build long-term loyalty.