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Glossary overview

CRM Hotel Software

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 10, 2023

CRM Hotel Software

CRM hotel software, short for customer relationship management hotel software, is a digital solution that can be used in the hotel industry to enhance guest service and relations. The software enables hotels to manage all guest data in a centralized system, enable targeted interactions at an individual level, and precisely manage the entire guest contact cycle. Similarly, CRM software help develop customized offers, recommendations as well as promotional campaigns that match guests' interests.


By seamlessly integrating booking data, preferences, and feedback, this technology enables a customized guest experience from inquiry to stay and post-stay.

Advantages of CRM hotel software

  • Personalized guest services: the software enables hotels to create comprehensive guest profiles and thus offer personalized services.
  • Efficient communication: centralized guest data allows hotels to optimize communication and interactions across multiple channels.
  • Increase revenue: With accurate data, targeted upsell and cross-sell offers can be created to increase revenue.
  • Better guest experience: software enables a seamless guest experience through consistent interactions and tailored services.
  • Analytics and reporting: CRM hotel software provides advanced analytics tools to understand guest preferences and behavior and optimize marketing strategies.

The most important questions about CRM hotel software

What is CRM hotel software?

 CRM hotel software is specialized software that helps hotels manage guest data, personalize guest service and optimize customer relationships.

What data is collected in CRM hotel software?

 CRM hotel software enables the management of a wide range of data that provides comprehensive insight into the relationship between the hotel and its guests. This includes not only basic contact information such as name, address and contact details, but also detailed guest preferences and interests that can be taken into account in future interactions. In addition, past stays and interactions are documented to create a comprehensive guest profile. This data forms the basis for personalizing services, be it through individual offers, room amenities or special preferences during the stay.

How does CRM hotel software contribute to guest satisfaction?

CRM hotel software is critical to improving customer satisfaction by enabling a highly personalized customer experience. By collecting and analyzing a wide range of guest data, hotels can offer customized services tailored to each guest's needs and preferences. This ranges from choosing preferred room amenities to customizing offers and activities during the stay. Seamless interaction between hotel and guest via the software also makes it easier to communicate, book services and answer questions.

Is CRM hotel software also suitable for smaller hotels?

Yes, CRM hotel software can be customized for hotels of any size. There are solutions that meet the needs of both large luxury hotels and smaller boutique hotels.

How do CRM hotel software programs provide their reporting features?

CRM hotel software programs provide comprehensive reporting features that allow hotels to track relevant data and metrics. These reports can cover various aspects, such as booking behavior, guest data, revenue trends, marketing campaign conversion rates, and more. The software presents this data in a visually appealing way, enabling hoteliers to derive key insights, identify trends and make strategic decisions to optimize guest service and revenue.