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Glossary overview

Voucher software hotel

Armin Gögele, last updated on July 12, 2023 

Use an online voucher system with your guest data 

With voucher marketing for the hotel industry, hotels can increase their revenue and stimulate guest loyalty. With vouchers for spa and sauna visits at the hotel, or a discount at the hotel restaurant, more guests take advantage of the hotel's internal offerings and the guest value is significantly increased. In addition, the development of new guests is supported. Read more about the different types of vouchers here. 

Upselling with voucher systems in hotels

There are different types of vouchers that can be created with a hotel voucher system. These include event vouchers, discount vouchers, value vouchers, service and product vouchers, and limited time vouchers. All of these types of vouchers are used to increase revenue and offer great marketing potential in the hotel industry. In this way, wonderful up-selling can also take place in the hotel. For example, a guest can receive a voucher for the hotel spa in exchange for booking a better room and may decide to book both.

The most important questions about hotel voucher software 

How do vouchers affect guest loyalty and in-house reservations?

 Voucher marketing is a great way to thank guests for their trust by giving them a discount on certain services. This has a positive effect on guest loyalty and encourages more guests to use the hotel's services. 

Can I fully automate hotel voucher marketing with software?

 Yes, most software systems can be at least (partially) automated, especially in combination with a newsletter system or marketing automation software. Thanks to the connection to the PMS, recording and invoicing is also fully automated.

What software is suitable for hotel voucher marketing?

 Ideally, the hotel's coupon marketing software or coupon system can be linked to the hotel's own PMS and CRM. In this way, all employees, especially those at the front desk, have an overview of guests, intended use, voucher types, billing, etc. at all times. The ADDITIVE+ GUTSCHEINE software offers the above mentioned advantages.