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Glossary overview

Hotel Property Management System / Hotel-PMS

Armin Gögele, last updated on October 18, 2023


A Hotel Property Management System (PMS) refers to hotel software or a software solution that stores and manages all information related to reservations, occupancy, availability, billing, as well as internal processes such as housekeeping and wellness.

This central tool is designed to optimize daily operational processes in the hotel industry, from room reservations to invoicing. A hotel PMS enables seamless coordination among various departments, including reception, housekeeping, wellness, accounting, and marketing.


It ensures real-time management of guest data, availability, and prices. Additionally, a PMS provides valuable insights through comprehensive reporting, contributing to the enhancement of the guest experience and the improvement of operational efficiency.


A PMS also serves as an interface to other electronic distribution channels, such as revenue management systems or OTA platforms, as well as tools like marketing automation software, such as ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, and voucher tools like ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS.


The Importance of Utilizing Hotel PMS Data in Hotel Marketing

The utilization of data from the hotel PMS is of paramount importance in hotel marketing. By analyzing this data, hotels can tailor their marketing strategies to the needs and preferences of their guests. This enables personalized offers and targeted marketing campaigns, fostering guest loyalty and optimizing occupancy.


Knowledge of booking trends, preferred booking channels, and lengths of stay allows hotels to efficiently plan their resources and increase revenue. In a highly competitive industry, the use of hotel PMS data is an invaluable tool for data-driven online marketing to enhance competitiveness and ensure success in hotel marketing.

FAQs on Hotel Property Management System (PMS)

What is a Hotel Property Management System (PMS)?

A Hotel PMS is a software solution that assists hotels in managing their operational processes, from reservations to invoicing.

What are the benefits of using a Hotel PMS?

The use of a Hotel PMS enables efficient operations, improved guest experiences, personalized offerings, and revenue growth.

How can a Hotel PMS be utilized in marketing?

Through the analysis of PMS data, hotels can create targeted marketing campaigns (data-driven marketing) to enhance guest loyalty and boost revenue.

Is a Hotel PMS equally important for small hotels as it is for large hotel chains?

Yes, a Hotel PMS is critically significant for hotels of all sizes as it can enhance operational efficiency and profitability.

What functionalities should a good Hotel PMS offer?

A good Hotel PMS should provide room management, guest data management, invoicing, reporting, and integration with booking channels and marketing tools to meet industry requirements.