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Glossary overview

Hotel CRM system

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 25, 2023 

Improve guest loyalty with a hotel CRM system

In the hotel industry, it is important for the reception desk to have a direct overview of each guest. This is why a hotel CRM system is recommended, where all guest data can be stored and retrieved in one place.


This allows for a better service to the individual guest, as the guest's preferences and booking periods can be planned. As a result, a hotel CRM system not only saves time at the front desk, but also improves guest management. In addition, structured data storage enables successful data-driven hotel marketing.

Increase hotel occupancy with a CRM system

An essential point in the hotel industry is the ability to structure the processes within the hotel and the daily operations. A hotel CRM system therefore provides the necessary structure for better planning and increased occupancy.

In addition, a hotel CRM system makes it possible to synchronize all known guest data with direct availability, so that there is a better overview of occupancy and existing room reservations both in high and low season.


The benefits of a hotel CRM system at a glance

Here are five direct benefits for the hotel when using a compatible hotel CRM system in a structured way:

  • Increased revenue through better marketing opportunities
  • Staff always have an overview of guest data
  • Customized guest marketing possible
  • Room occupancy planning capability
  • Coordinated system across the hotel

The most important questions about a hotel CRM system

What is a CRM system in simple terms?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This is a system that helps to support customer loyalty. By structuring and organizing customer data, such as birthdays, it is possible to create targeted and individualized email marketing campaigns or even vouchers.

What is a CRM system?

A CRM system, or customer relationship management system, is software that helps structure and organize customer data. It is used to maintain and increase customer loyalty. By organizing and structuring customer data, it is possible to create more targeted email marketing campaigns or even coupon events.

What CRM tools are available?

CRM systems can be wonderfully complemented or combined with some helpful tools. For example, special email marketing automation programs can be used to combine CRM customer data in an ideal way. Campaigns can be tailored to individual interests or even special events such as birthdays.

What CRM systems are available?

In the hotel industry, for example, there is our ADDITIVE+ CRM system for hotels, which has been developed specifically for this purpose. It not only allows data such as current occupancy rates to be analyzed and reservations to be tracked. Segmentation of guest data combined with automated email marketing makes this CRM system for hoteliers an effective tool for ever-increasing success.

What is a CRM system?

A CRM is basically a program that covers the organization of three main areas within the hotel industry. One of these is active lead generation. This can be done through paid advertising on platforms such as Google or even Facebook. In addition, the CRM system is used to maintain customer relationships and to collect and segment data. Another important aspect is customer service. Individual concerns can also be categorized, sorted and dealt with quickly and effectively via the CRM system.