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Glossary overview

Voucher tool

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 07, 2023

Voucher Tool Tourism

Voucher tool is a synonym for voucher software. A voucher tool makes it possible to create a comprehensive voucher system for potential guests as well as for existing and regular guests. Such a voucher software increases the user-friendliness, because it is much easier to benefit from the hotel's vouchers. This in turn increases the additional revenue that can be generated through the voucher system. 

Easy processing of vouchers 

Customers and potential guests have a much easier way to use the vouchers offered by the hotel. As a result, more people will naturally use the existing offer to take advantage of the benefits. Since the voucher application can also be linked to the hotel's PMS, the processing of the vouchers is also simplified for the supplier or the hotel.  

Hotel internal voucher software

Using a voucher app, guests can claim discounts for the hotel's own spa or even the hotel's own restaurant directly after checking into their hotel room. This uncomplicated service increases customer satisfaction and creates incentives to use the hotel's own services.

Advantages of a voucher app in hotel marketing

  • Guest loyalty and direct interactions
  • Extended reach
  • Additional revenue
  • Flexibility
  • Measurability
  • Fast availability
  • Simple management

The most important questions about the voucher tool 

Does an automated voucher system relieve the burden on the reception desk?

Yes, in that the redemption of vouchers is recorded directly in the app and thus the hotel's reception team no longer has to keep voucher lists. This simplifies the process and the responsible employees have an insight into the data of the guest in question at all times and can advise him accordingly if necessary.

Does a voucher tool significantly increase sales through vouchers?

The simplified handling via software tool possibly opens up further target groups in addition to the existing incentive. A voucher software for the hotel offers correspondingly great opportunities for generating new customers and increasing sales.

What is meant by a voucher tool or a voucher store?

A voucher tool or a voucher store is a platform on which potential guests in the hotel industry can also receive vouchers for certain products or services in the hotel. For the hotel, this is an effective way to attract new customers. The win-win principle of vouchers is attractive for potential guests in itself, and of course for the creators of the vouchers.

How can I, as a hotel, sell vouchers online?

Hotel operators can offer vouchers online in various ways. On the one hand, this is possible on the hotel's own website or with voucher apps, which hoteliers can offer vouchers to their potential guests. But it is also possible to pack vouchers into their own newsletters, so that potential guests of the hotels are more inclined to make a booking. A voucher software such as ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS is also ideal for this purpose, as it allows hoteliers to conduct effective voucher marketing for their guests and, at the same time, to always be up-to-date on which vouchers have already been redeemed by which guest.

How do you measure the success of a voucher app in hotel marketing?

Success can be measured by several metrics, including number of app downloads, number of bookings made through the app, revenue from voucher sales, engagement rates, and reviews.

Can a voucher app help increase direct bookings?

By offering attractive deals directly through the app, hotels can encourage guests to book directly on their website instead of using third-party platforms.