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Glossary overview

Marketing automation for hotels

also: Hotel Marketing Automation

Armin Gögele, last updated on 20.12.2022


Marketing automation in the hotel industry makes it possible to address potential guests, existing guests and regular guests efficiently and to reduce the time spent on repetitive standard tasks. The (potential) guest is addressed via the right communication channel at the right time with targeted content. Marketing automation software takes care of these tasks. Targeted, individualized communication on the appropriate channels, such as newsletters, social media networks and the Google advertising platform, results in reduced waste, increased guest loyalty and increased revenue.


For use in the hotel industry, the automation software has been developed specifically for the hotel industry and adapted to its specific needs and use cases. A prerequisite for the proper use and interpretation of hotel data is a connection to the hotel software in use. In this way, all guest information is automatically bundled and used, and optimization is based on a learning algorithm.


Benefits of marketing automation for hotels 

  • Increased revenue
  • Additional up- and cross-selling
  • Ongoing, personalized communication and contact with (potential) guests
  • Strong brand identity
  • Measurable, trackable results


Top Questions to ask about Marketing automation for hotels

What is marketing automation in the hotel industry?

Marketing automation in the hotel industry describes the automation of marketing processes, such as the acquisition of new guests or even the maintenance of regular guests, through a system. This can be done through a CRM system that collects and segments these processes and data.

What are marketing automation tools?

Marketing automation tools are programs designed to make certain marketing processes more manageable and automated. This can be the acquisition of new guests, or simply the maintenance and support of existing guests or regulars. These tools ensure that important data about guests is segmented and that parts of the marketing based on this data are executed automatically.

What processes can be automated?

Virtually any marketing process can be automated. From sending targeted emails to running specific advertising campaigns. Only the design of the campaigns in terms of images and text should be carefully reviewed and created by humans.

When does marketing automation for hotels make sense?

Marketing Automation for hotels makes sense when processes that have already been tested and work manually just need to be scaled. Scaling increases the amount of data, which can quickly become overwhelming. Automation means that certain processes are executed automatically, so that the internal order is not compromised even when scaling heavily.