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Glossary overview

Digital Marketing Hotel / Hotel digital marketing

also digital marketing for hotel industry or digital marketing for hotel online

Armin Gögele, last updated on December 28, 2022


Digital Marketing Hotel is a multidisciplinary approach and includes all those marketing activities in the hotel that are carried out with the help of computer-based systems, digital technologies and digital media.


Often digital marketing or digital marketing is equated with the term online marketing, as digital marketing activities are mostly, but not necessarily, carried out on the Internet. 

When is digital marketing used in hotels?

Digital marketing can be used in all phases of a hotel's marketing process: from analysis and planning to campaign management and control. 

Digital marketing hotel measures

Various techniques and measures, such as those listed below, are integrated into a holistic hotel marketing concept in order to pursue defined objectives: 


The applications of digital marketing are many and varied, and it can also be used in market research or sales policy, thanks to computerized surveys or digital forecasting systems.

Hotel Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

What is hotel digital marketing or digital marketing hotel?

Hotel digital marketing refers to all the digital marketing activities that hoteliers undertake to market their own business, the hotel.

What are the most important hotel digital marketing tactics?

When it comes to digital marketing for hotels, it is important not to implement individual measures, but to pursue a holistic online strategy across all departments. For sustainable success, all measures are coordinated, regularly analyzed and optimized. 

What are the elements of digital marketing for hotels?

Hoteliers who want to take a broad approach to online marketing typically have a variety of different channels to reach potential guests. These include organic methods such as email marketing, social media marketing or SEO, as well as inorganic methods such as paid social media advertising or search engine advertising (SEA) on Google.

Why is digital marketing important to hotels?

It is no longer just the younger generations that use the Internet and social media. Almost everyone has a smartphone and uses it regularly. This means that hotels can use targeted online marketing to reach potential guests who are interested in what they have to offer. A good online presence and targeted online marketing play a crucial role.

How does digital marketing work in the hospitality industry?

As in many other industries, digital marketing can be used in the hotel industry to target potential or existing guests individually. Forms of marketing such as email marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) or paid advertising are available. This allows hoteliers to effectively target even the smallest of audiences in a targeted and detailed manner.