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Glossary overview

Content marketing hotels

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 09, 2023

Content marketing for hotels

Content marketing is an umbrella term for the creation of valuable content to market a hotel. This can include a blog, but also email marketing, video marketing or social media marketing. The most effective content is emotional content that sells potential guests on a holistic holiday, full of emotions and memories, rather than just a bookable hotel room. Above all, storytelling for hotels tells a story that makes the hotel competitive and attractive to the target audience. 

Content Marketing in tourism

Content marketing can be used to promote targeted activities that can be done in the hotel's surroundings. For example, ideas for adventure and tour guides may be of interest to some target groups, but for other potential guests, a ski or spa holiday may be more appealing. For the personalized content plan, hoteliers should consider what exactly is being optimized for and what type of holiday the desired target group is taking. For direct guest loyalty, content marketing in the form of concrete insights from the hotel is worthwhile. How activities are carried out, what planning is followed, or an introduction to the hotel's staff.

Top questions about hotel content marketing

What is Content Marketing for Hotels?

Content can be created and published in many different categories online. Channels such as a hotel blog or social media are ideal for this. With their own blog, hoteliers can become visible to potential guests on Google through targeted search engine optimization. On social media, hoteliers have the opportunity to increase their reach and awareness through targeted posts to potential guests. 

How does content marketing work in the hospitality industry?

First and foremost, it's important for hotels to understand how their target audience behaves online. Then it is a matter of targeting these potential guests using tools such as SEO or social media marketing. Especially in social media, it is important to communicate and interact with the community. This builds trust and ensures additional awareness and reach.

What are the benefits of content marketing in online hotel marketing?

Through content marketing, hotels have the opportunity to reach a large group of potential guests organically. Content marketing ensures a certain transparency and closeness of the hotel, which many people value, especially in today's times, and especially in the hotel industry, gives the guest a familiar feeling of well-being. In this way, hotels can increase their reach and build trust, which in turn has a positive effect on bookings. 

How do I create content that adds value to the marketing of my hotel?

 Before creating any content, you should first consider what your target audience or potential guests prefer when they stay at your hotel. This information can then be used to create exciting content that engages and inspires. In addition, content marketing should be considered holistically. For example, a marketing mix of emails, social media and website articles, so that a wide range of reach can be utilized and generated.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy in which hoteliers create and publish content that is relevant, useful and tailored to their target audience in order to generate and maintain interest in their products or services. By regularly publishing high quality content, a hotel can also increase its visibility and reputation to attract new guests.

What content marketing strategies can be used?

There are many possible content marketing strategies, including blogging, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Hotels should tailor their content marketing strategy to their goals and target audience, combining different strategies to create and distribute a wide range of content.