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Glossary overview

Hotel Marketing Software

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 31, 2023

Key functions of CRM in a hotel 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and as the term suggests, good guest retention is a relevant objective for the hotel. Guest data can be clearly displayed in a CRM (hotel software) so that all hotel staff have an immediate overview. As a central component of a well-organized hotel marketing software, better service is possible. This includes, for example, voucher marketing or the different preferences of regular guests. Another important function of hotel CRM is the overview of the current occupancy rate and the identification of promising marketing options based on data evaluation and analysis.


Better guest retention with hotel marketing software

Because the hotel CRM stores relevant guest data, it can help to tailor the service to guests. As a result, hoteliers are better able to understand what guests value and can increase guest satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, hotel CRM marketing can also be used to make suggestions for the hotel restaurant or spa, thus improving upselling in the hotel.

Top questions about hotel marketing software

What is hotel marketing software?

As online marketing for hotels is an extensive undertaking with many aspects and a large amount of data to analyze, it is not uncommon for hotel owners to lose track. Hotel marketing software primarily provides the necessary overview of budgets and target group evaluations. In addition, hotel marketing software helps to create and optimize content and campaigns that perform better with the desired target audience. 

Why is CRM hotel software useful, and how can it be used in online marketing for hotels?

Hotel marketing software provides a good overview of all guest data. This simplifies the work at the reception and ensures easier management. Guests can be assigned immediately and information can be better shared among staff. CRM hotel software is the basis for successful, data-driven online marketing. 

What marketing software and internet marketing tools are available for hotels?

 Similar to hotel CRM, any tools that enable automation are useful to simplify the hotel's internal processes. This includes, for example, a voucher software system, a newsletter marketing tool or various content and graphic tools.