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Glossary overview

Hotel newsletter

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 07, 2023 

Optimization Hotel Newsletter

Within hotels, there is usually a lot of unused guest data, which can be used in hotel newsletter marketing. The segmentation of guest data can provide information about important target groups for the hotel. In addition, important key figures are automatically analyzed with a newsletter tool and the continuous optimization is uncomplicated. Since the guest data is usually already available in the hotel and the hotel newsletter can be automated, newsletter marketing is considered one of the cheapest and most efficient marketing strategies in the hotel industry.


Difference between hotel newsletter and personalized email marketing in hotels

Often, hotels still tend to use non-personalized newsletters that do not include direct targeting. A general newsletter that is simply sent to the entire contact list will in no way achieve the open and conversion rates of a personalized mail, which is first preceded by a segmentation of the guest data.


This is because when guests are addressed with offers that are tailored to them and that correspond to their personal wishes, direct interaction and genuine guest loyalty are created. Personalized newsletters for the various target groups inspire, inform and arouse curiosity for a room reservation. This way, potential guests stay up to date and the hotelier can increase his occupancy rate with automated and individualized hotel newsletter marketing.

The most important questions about the hotel newsletter

What are the benefits of having your own hotel newsletter?

Email marketing is very intuitive and emotionally appealing to the target group. The curiosity for new attractions or offers of the hotel and the loyalty of regular guests and potential guests are strengthened in the long term. In addition, the interaction rate is positively influenced because the hotel newsletter can help the reader identify with the hotel.

How to create a hotel newsletter?

For a better open rate, it is very important that the newsletter is formulated in an exciting and appealing way, especially through the images used, the texts and also the subject line. In this way, the right target group is addressed and reached in the guest data. ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER simplifies the creation of hotel newsletters, is intuitively adjustable and can be fully automated in many areas.

How do I write a good hotel newsletter?

In order for potential guests to feel addressed, every newsletter should appeal to the right emotions, be personalized and adapted to the target group. A hotel marketing newsletter should inspire, excite and provide an incentive to plan the next vacation. With appealing content and a good subject line, the open rate and number of bookings will be improved.