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Glossary overview

Voucher marketing hotels / coupon marketing hotels

Armin Gögele, last updated on June 21, 2023


Voucher marketing is a sub-discipline of hotel marketing and refers to the strategic use and distribution of vouchers to (potential) customers and guests. Vouchers are certificates with which the issuer guarantees the holder an entitlement to a service.


In hotel marketing, there are different types of vouchers, ranging from a defined amount of money (value voucher) to a specific service or product (such as an accommodation voucher or spa treatment) to a defined discount on a service or product (10% off the room rate, 20% off a massage). Learn more about each type of voucher in the Voucher Types glossary. 

Marketing hotel vouchers

The targeted placement of vouchers on the hotel's website (voucher shop), in mailings and newsletters, as well as in social media ads, attracts the interest of potential new guests and strengthens the loyalty of existing guests.  

Features of voucher software for hotels

For hoteliers, the voucher software should be able to be integrated into the website and also linked to the hotel software or PMS. Like ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS, a voucher software should be user-friendly and, above all, explicitly geared towards the hotel industry. Important features are automated processes for the creation and personalization of vouchers, automatic payment processing and voucher dispatch. From the end user's or guest's point of view, the voucher software should be easy to use on the website and provide all the necessary information about payment options, included services and the validity period of the voucher. More tips can be found in the online guide on how hotels can successfully use their voucher shop. 

The following requirements must be met

  • Intuitive for the hotel AND the end user
  • Easy management of vouchers
  • Interface with hotel software
  • Secure online payment options
  • Usage of the hotel's corporate design, a lot of design freedom
  • Use different types of vouchers 
  • Seamless tracking to measure success, clear reporting

The most important questions about hotel coupon marketing:

How does coupon marketing for hotels work?

As part of an appropriate hotel marketing strategy, measures are defined for the targeted sale of vouchers to guests and new customers. In most cases, vouchers are sold online, which requires the targeted placement of vouchers on the hotel's website, or through other channels such as mailings, newsletters and social networks as part of social media marketing. With the right newsletter software, vouchers can be easily created on site at the hotel.

What are the benefits of using vouchers to promote the hotel?

Selling vouchers online as part of a well-thought-out voucher marketing strategy for hotels offers numerous advantages. Selling vouchers on a hotel's own website helps to increase brand awareness and attract new guests. The hotel industry is predestined to provide emotional experiences to friends and acquaintances, often in the form of vouchers. This gives hotels the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell through voucher marketing and thus realize new revenue potential. Another advantage is the strengthening of existing guest relationships, for example with regular guests, through the use of occasion-based vouchers.In addition, the sale of vouchers creates an additional source of revenue and liquidity without much manual effort, especially since not every voucher sold is redeemed.

What features should a suitable hotel voucher system or voucher software for hotels have?

A suitable voucher software for hotels has the following features Intuitive handling for the hotel AND the end user, easy management of the vouchers, interface to the hotel software, secure online payment options, use of the hotel's corporate design and a lot of design freedom, use of different voucher types, complete tracking to measure success and clear reporting.