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Glossary overview

Newsletter system

Armin Gögele, last updated on Mai 19, 2023


Newsletter marketing, also known as email marketing, is one of the most popular, successful and cost-effective marketing strategies there is. With a newsletter system, software can be used online to individualize and automate the sending of emails. 

Newsletter system as a tool / program for e-mail marketing in the hotel industry

A software allows you to independently create and send professional hotel newsletters. The email marketing programs have some valuable features, such as sending different email campaigns through different triggers - for example, on customer birthdays or a welcome email for new newsletter subscribers. The program automatically analyzes click-through rates so that adjustments and improvements can be made quickly. 

The importance of a newsletter system for hotel email marketing

When hotels have a long list of customers, it is not worth the effort to manually send emails to existing customers. With newsletter software, a hotel can bundle and segment recipients for targeted and efficient outreach. Existing guests can be informed about possible promotions, news or new offers, as well as potential new guests. This automation makes email marketing essential for successful guest retention.

The most important questions about newsletter system

Which newsletter system do you recommend?

 With a newsletter software like ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER, the benefits are very high. Due to the customizable automation, certain prepared emails can be sent to defined target groups at the push of a button. 

What are the costs of using a newsletter software online?

Most newsletter software has monthly usage fees as well as a one-time setup fee including training and graphic personalization. For relatively small email recipient lists, the prices are correspondingly low. The more email addresses in the system, the higher the cost of sending the newsletter. 

What is a newsletter system?

The term newsletter system is used to describe software that helps simplify and optimize email marketing. It allows you to segment different audiences, each of which receives a customized email. With this system, hoteliers can not only increase the open rate of their emails, but also convert many prospects into satisfied guests.

How do I create a newsletter?

To create a newsletter, it is usually recommended to use specialized newsletter software. This not only simplifies the process for hotels, but also increases the conversion rate of potential guests. It is possible and useful to define specific target groups and to send out customized newsletters to the potential guests.

What does newsletter software do?

First and foremost, newsletter software helps automate email marketing. Otherwise, hoteliers or marketing managers in the hotel would have to send huge amounts of emails manually, which would not make sense in terms of resources. In addition, newsletter software helps to optimize and personalize emails for specific target groups. This significantly increases the chances of successful hotel marketing.

What email marketing software is available for hotels?

There are several email newsletter tools available online that can be useful for email marketing. In addition to the Hotel CRM, ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER, specifically designed for the hotel industry, helps you to intuitively set up first-class newsletters and optimize them according to your target groups.