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Glossary overview

CRM Hotel / hotel CRM

also Customer Relationship Management for hotels

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 08, 2023 

What is a Hotel CRM?

With a hotel CRM, any interaction with an existing guest or a potential guest can be initiated automatically through a software or a program. This significantly improves the operations of a hotel business and allows for simplified management.

Importance of a CRM for a Hotel

A hotel CRM enables automatic segmentation and analysis of personal and reservation data imported from the hotel program. This leads to simplified hotel communication as the data is constantly updated and assigned to the appropriate segments. As a result, not only the guest's demographics are immediately known, but also their interests, such as wellness, culinary, action, as well as information about the booking and stay.

Examples of analysis and segmentation with ADDITIVE+ CRM

The use of ADDITIVE+ CRM is based on the analysis of the distribution of reservations made within a certain period of time according to residential areas, in order to find out when which guest from which country generates which turnover for the hotel industry.

In addition, the analysis provides information about current and past room occupancy. Both the number of rooms and the number of days the hotel is open are taken into account.

For a better comparison of the room occupancy of different years, the data can be viewed on a monthly and weekly basis using an occupancy analysis tool. The final monthly or weekly occupancy of the selected reference year can be visualized in a chart.

The most important questions about hotel CRM

Is it possible to evaluate historical data with a hotel CRM?

Yes, by using a hotel CRM system and a corresponding hotel marketing software, ADDITIVE+ CRM allows you to determine the annual key figures of a total of 10 years. This includes, for example, the number of reservations, the average length of stay and the booking lead time. All values are based on the data of the person making the reservation. It is also possible to analyze possible forecasts for the coming year.

Is the use of a CRM essential for hotel marketing automation?

In general, it is highly recommended to use online hotel marketing tools, as they greatly simplify some aspects and provide insight into important analytical data. Accordingly, a CRM hotel software with an interface to a hotel PMS is worthwhile. It also allows you to manage all types of communication with your guests.

What is CRM for hotels?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In the hotel industry, it is an important tool to build and deepen the relationship with existing and potential guests. This can be done through email marketing campaigns, but also through social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, but also to store hotel-related preferences of the guests present.

What do you do with a CRM?

A CRM aims to build trust with existing or potential guests by providing hoteliers or even front desk staff with information about a guest. The CRM helps to clearly organize the different target groups of the hotel and to deliver target group specific content and actions to the guests individually.

How does a hotel CRM system work?

A hotel CRM system collects and stores all guest data in a large database. These are sorted and divided into different areas. For example, if an existing guest has a birthday, it makes sense to send them a personalized email. The CRM thus provides a clear and simple overview of existing guests and can sort them through simple categorizations, which is an important optimization step for marketing and makes further online optimization easier and more automatable for the hotel.