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Glossary overview

Online Marketing System for hotels

Armin Gögele, last updated on 29.09.2022



Online Marketing System includes a holistic approach to online marketing that is data driven.

Marketing Strategies for Hotels

An online marketing strategy in the hotel industry should never be left to chance or tweaked and changed by feel. It is important to act on existing data, real information and measurable results and integrate this concept into the overall hotel operation.

This includes not only general advertising campaigns, such as social media or search engine marketing for hotels, but also asking guests for feedback in order to improve the hotel service in a recurring and sustainable way.


Online Marketing as a Data-Driven System

Data-driven marketing provides a perspective that gives clear and measurable insight into which marketing efforts are achieving the desired results. Not only can potential guests be reached, but direct room reservations or direct bookings can be achieved. The marketing strategy remains traceable, performance-oriented and data-driven, so that revenue growth does not just happen, but becomes and remains plannable for hotels.


The most important questions about online marketing systems for hotels:

How do I create a good online marketing system as a hotelier?

The decision whether a campaign is successful or not should never be made according to feelings or general personal assessment. Hoteliers and hotel marketers should go by what the data provides for analysis. Using this process, a successful online marketing system can be created for the hotel. Targeted support from a hotel marketing agency that does data-driven online marketing for hotels, as well as the use of specific hotel marketing software, is recommended for this.

Can I fully automate my online marketing systems?

Yes, with ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION - a marketing automation software for hotels - different online marketing measures can be linked together so that the data can be evaluated in its entirety. This way, hoteliers have an overview of the results at all times and can almost completely automate their marketing measures.