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Glossary overview

Opening hotel marketing

also pre opening hotel marketing

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 15, 2023

Hotel Opening Marketing

Hotel marketing at the opening can offer great added value for the hotel by generating strong attention. Various online marketing options are available, such as social media ads or targeted organic interaction on social media. A social media post can even go viral, i.e. be seen or shared by many potential guests. Email marketing is also worthwhile for hotel openings to increase awareness.


Hotel opening marketing for new hotels

The opening of a new hotel often ensures that potential guests want to be the first to use and experience the hotel. Special opening promotions are also very popular, such as a discount on room reservations for the first 100 guests or a voucher to use the new hotel spa. In order to build awareness and reach in the hotel industry from the outset, it is worth starting hotel marketing at the time of opening.


Hotel marketing during a renovation

Content marketing can be used to involve (regular) guests in the hotel renovation and to inform them about pleasant renovations or changes. Using existing guest data for marketing purposes can be particularly rewarding if the renovations and new features have led to an improvement in the hotel's image. By involving target groups in the renovation, hotel marketing can build anticipation for the hotel's reopening and increase booking inquiries. In addition, new services can help the hotel attract more target groups to book a room.

The most important questions about opening hotel marketing

What is important in pre-opening marketing for hotels?

In pre-opening marketing, hoteliers should take advantage of the novelty to create a special effect. For this purpose, possible offers, discounts or vouchers for a booking can be offered. It makes sense to constantly ask for guest feedback to improve the offer.

How does a hotel marketing agency help with marketing for the hotel opening?

An online marketing agency primarily assists with the planning and creation of content, as well as with the analysis of potential target groups. A hotel agency also helps in communicating the unique selling proposition and the special features of the hotel, as well as in setting up and optimizing the advertisements placed.

How do I promote a new hotel?

There are many ways to promote a new hotel. Probably one of the best ways nowadays is online marketing. Here, hotel operators not only have a transparent insight into the performance of advertisements and statistics, but can also target potential interested parties. Important and effective tools are, for example, social media marketing, SEO or paid advertising.

What is the best way to promote a hotel opening?

If the hotel already has a community, it is quite suitable to send a targeted newsletter to existing guests when a hotel opens, for example in a new city. It is popular with guests to offer vouchers for hotels, for example, and thus make a booking not only more pleasant but also more interesting for potential guests. In addition, social media content can also be used for new openings, in connection with targeted social media marketing via advertising.

Which marketing tools help in pre-opening marketing?

Pre-opening marketing for hotels is particularly about collecting a large amount of guest data in a so-called funnel so that the hotel can subsequently make exclusive offers. The best marketing tools for a pre-opening campaign include paid advertising via social media or Google Ads. Afterward, hotel operators can use targeted email marketing to attract potential guests for a stay and to inspire existing guests to book again.