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Glossary overview

E Marketing Hotel

also online marketing hotel, web marketing hotel or internet marketing hotel 

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 16, 2023 

Online Marketing for Hotels 

E-marketing is a synonym for online marketing and is often equated with internet marketing or web marketing. This raises the question of what e-marketing in the hotel industry entails and what goals can be achieved by advertising online. The goal of marketing in the hotel industry is usually to increase awareness or sales. 


Hotel e-marketing is most valuable when hoteliers use guest data to improve their own performance or to attract more repeat guests. Measures such as organic and paid marketing can be ideally applied on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, but also with a search engine optimized hotel website on Google. 

Benefits of e-marketing in the hospitality industry 

  • Increase reach and awareness 
  • Achieve higher occupancy rates 
  • Allows hoteliers to maximize the potential of their hotel 
  • Automate and scale sales with measurable results
  • Improve guest loyalty through identification with the hotel

The most important questions to ask about e-marketing for hotels

How do I find the right e-marketing hotel agency?

 There are many agencies online that offer professional hotel marketing services. It makes sense to choose an agency that specializes in the hotel industry. Hoteliers can compare quotes in a face-to-face meeting and ask any specific questions they may have. An important characteristic of the right e-marketing hotel agency is a good customer base with many positive reviews.

What is e-marketing for hotels?

E-marketing for hotels refers to the various ways in which a hotel can increase its visibility online. It includes tools such as social media marketing, paid advertising and search engine optimization. Through targeted positioning and marketing, hoteliers can increase their visibility and, as a result, bookings from new and existing guests. 

How does e-marketing work for hotels?

E-marketing for hotels has many different facets, some of which go hand in hand. The foundation is an online presence in the form of a website and social media channels. Then hoteliers can use paid advertising or even organic methods such as search engine optimization to increase their reach and secure more guest bookings. 

What does e-marketing involve?

E-marketing encompasses a variety of different online marketing tools. A distinction is made between inorganic and organic methods. Organic methods such as search engine optimization, social media marketing or email marketing go hand in hand with inorganic methods such as paid advertising.