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Glossary overview

Voucher marketing

also Coupon marketing

Armin Gögele, last updated on May 05, 2023


The definition of voucher marketing in the hotel industry refers to the targeted use of vouchers to (potential) guests to increase revenue.  

Voucher marketing as a marketing tool 

With vouchers, (potential) guests are promised services or a monetary value that they can redeem at the hotel either for a room reservation or for possible spa, activity or restaurant visits. Voucher marketing can also be used as a promotional or lead generation method, for example, by offering a voucher for a room reservation in exchange for signing up for the hotel's email address book or newsletter.


The goal of these marketing efforts is to increase guest loyalty and revenue. Guests who have already visited the hotel or who are planning a specific stay are encouraged to take advantage of additional hotel services. This results in an increase in guest value, which describes how much revenue a guest generates. 

Use of a voucher system

Voucher marketing in the hotel can be completely automated with a voucher system. This not only reduces the workload of the front desk staff, but also increases revenue and the number of reservations. 

ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS includes an interface to the hotel software and allows seamless tracking through intuitive handling for the hotelier.

The most important questions about voucher marketing / coupon marketing:

How can I use coupon marketing / voucher marketing in the hotel industry?

An interface to the hotel software not only simplifies voucher marketing in the hotel industry, but also automates it. At a glance, you can see which guests have already redeemed their vouchers and what they have used them for.

What types of vouchers are there?

 Ideally, voucher types should cover all the needs of the guest, so that voucher marketing can be carried out in any situation. A mix of occasion-based vouchers, value vouchers, discounted and limited-time vouchers, and product or service vouchers is recommended.

Can I use coupon marketing / voucher marketing for guest retention?

Yes, it is recommended. On the one hand, coupons increase the value of a guest. But you can also encourage existing guests to book again with discount vouchers or make their stay even more attractive with spa, activity or restaurant vouchers.