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Glossary overview

Hotel Marketing

Hotel marketing describes all activities of a hotel to promote and advertise its products and services.


Goals of hotel marketing

The ultimate goal of hotel marketing is to increase sales and maximize profits. Individual marketing activities may have subordinate goals such as increasing awareness, strengthening the hotel brand, collecting contact information (lead generation) for further marketing activities, or retaining guests to increase customer lifetime value.


What disciplines does hotel marketing encompass?

Hotel marketing can be divided into online and offline disciplines. Some of the classic offline hotel marketing disciplines include

  • Print advertising in newspapers, magazines or journals
  • TV and radio advertising
  • Printed materials such as hotel brochures
  • Press relations and collaborations
  • Trade shows and events
  • Tour operators and travel agents
  • Telephone direct marketing


Online marketing for hotels includes channels such as

  • Hotel website
  • E-mail (direct marketing)
  • Hotel newsletter 
  • Social media
  • Meta search and OTAs


Online Hotel Marketing Activities

Especially in online marketing there are a lot of possibilities to reach the (potential) guest with different touch points along the customer journey and to inspire him to book at the hotel. For example, the following are suitable for hotels

  • Newsletter marketing
  • Coupon marketing 
  • Performance marketing with search engine and social network ads
  • Lead generation on the hotel's website or landing pages   
  • Search engine optimization


Automated Hotel Marketing

Marketing automation plays an increasingly important role in hotel marketing. Software such as ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION uses existing guest data to set targeted marketing measures automatically and without manual effort during operation. This makes hotel marketing for hoteliers time-saving, data-driven and highly efficient, resulting in a directly measurable increase in revenue.


The most important questions about hotel marketing:

Why is hotel marketing becoming more important?

Hotel marketing is growing in importance because it increases direct hotel bookings and thus reduces dependence on OTAs. In addition, hotel marketing increases guest loyalty and retention.

Who helps hotels with hotel marketing?

A hotel marketing agency that specializes in hotels and the hotel industry will help you develop an appropriate strategy and then implement it.