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Glossary overview

Newsletter Hotel

Armin Gögele, last updated August 02, 2023


Hotel newsletters are emails that hotels send collectively to a selected group of recipients stored in their guest data to inform or entertain, strengthen guest loyalty or encourage sales. Email or hotel newsletter marketing is an important and efficient component of online marketing. In order to make the content interesting for the recipients, the reader and not the product is placed in the foreground according to content marketing.

Advantages of hotel newsletters

Hotel newsletters are

  • individualizable - the recipient is addressed in a personalized way, not only in terms of content, but also in the greeting.
  • Measurable - thanks to various key figures such as opening and click-through rates, the success of hotel newsletters can be easily tracked.
  • automatable - tools such as ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER support the time-saving creation and the pre-planning of the dispatch time.
  • relevant - due to the segmentation of guest data, the right target group receives the right message
  • efficient - hardly any other measure has such a high return on investment (ROI)

Hotel Newsletter Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to consider when creating a hotel newsletter?

From a technical point of view, it is important to consider the mobile display and to avoid display errors in general. The correct sending time can be analysed in the course of the evaluation. As far as content is concerned, in addition to appealing texts, images and videos, a topic that is relevant to (potential) guests is crucial. 

What software is suitable for hotel newsletters?

 Tools such as ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER are suitable for hotel newsletter marketing: the software has been specially developed for the hotel industry, emotional campaigns are intuitively easy to create, send and evaluate. Especially in synergy with other ADDITIVE+ APPS like ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, ADDITIVE+ CRM and ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS, the newsletter system unfolds its full effect.

What can a hotel newsletter look like?

For hotels, newsletters are often recommended to remind existing guests how nice their last holiday was. Especially in the cold season, many people wish they could fly somewhere warm. This reminder alone can lead to bookings in both the winter and summer seasons and build long-term customer loyalty.

What should a hotel newsletter include?

Both potential and existing guests will want to be able to contact you directly to make a booking. Telephone number, email address, address and hotel information should all be clearly visible in the newsletter, as well as a link to book on the hotel website. For branding purposes, the hotel's logo with nice pictures of the hotel is another suggestion that can convert potential guests into guests.

How does email marketing work for hotels?

The first important thing in email marketing for hotels is to segment guest data. A distinction can be made between existing and potential guests, or between different target groups such as families or potential romantic getaways for two. Newsletters are then tailored to the segmented audience, increasing the conversion rate for direct bookings.

How do I create a hotel newsletter?

Ideally, hoteliers use a supporting tool to create the content. The newsletter marketing tool ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER makes it easy to create newsletters in an intuitive way. This gives hoteliers the ability to tailor their newsletters to their target audience, significantly increasing open rates and booking rates.