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Glossary overview

Hotel voucher distribution

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 14, 2023 


Digital vouchers have already proven their worth in a wide range of industries, but especially in the hotel industry, where the voucher shop on the hotel website is the medium of choice.

Sell hotel voucher online on the hotel website

Voucher marketing in hotels is part of a well-thought-out online marketing strategy in the hotel industry. The aim is to strategically use vouchers to target (potential) customers who are more likely to use or book a hotel service.  It is recommended that vouchers for potential spa visits be issued in currency value rather than percentage value. This shows the guest at a glance how much they are saving by using the voucher, and they are more likely to use it accordingly.  

Using vouchers to promote the hotel

As part of a well-thought-out voucher marketing strategy, selling vouchers online on a hotel's website is seen as a promising way to increase brand awareness and attract new guests. In addition, the hotel industry is predestined to use vouchers to promote experiences, thus opening up new opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling, resulting in higher sales figures. Occasion related vouchers can also be used to stabilize existing guest relationships.

The most important questions about selling vouchers online

Why should hotels sell vouchers?

Voucher marketing offers the hotel industry a successful tool to increase awareness and generate new customers. In addition, vouchers provide an additional revenue stream for the hotel without much effort. 

What types of vouchers are available in the hotel industry?

There are discount vouchers and value vouchers, for example, to reduce the cost of a booking. For birthday gifts to existing guests, you can also create an occasion-based voucher. There are also limited time vouchers and vouchers for services and products, such as a discount at the hotel's spa.

How do I promote online voucher sales?

Hotels should actively promote online voucher sales by highlighting it on their website, using email marketing, leveraging social media channels and, where appropriate, running online ads to attract the attention of potential guests.

What steps are required for successful online voucher sales?

Hotels should create a user-friendly voucher sales page, display clear voucher options and prices, integrate secure online payment methods, and provide clear information on how to redeem and use the vouchers.