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Glossary overview

Newsletter marketing hotel

Armin Gögele, last updated on 10.05.2023


Newsletter Marketing Hotel 

Newsletter marketing in the hotel industry helps to get in direct contact with (potential) guests and to inform them about current offers in the hotel. Additional services or room reservations can also be offered. With email marketing in the hotel industry, the desired target group can be reached with different and personalized campaigns. For the preparation and planning of the individual newsletters, the hotelier can use a newsletter system for hotels, with which he can send (partially) automated emails.


Email Marketing in Tourism

In tourism, hotel newsletter marketing is considered one of the most successful online marketing methods. Hoteliers can send newsletters either generally to all contacts who have subscribed to the same, or to individuals with an individualized message.

(Regular) guests are immediately informed about possible news, offers or current promotions in the hotel via the newsletter. This is a great way to increase guest loyalty in the tourism industry.


The most important questions about Newsletter Hotel

How do I hire an email marketing agency?

A newsletter hotel agency can help set up the newsletter system and initiate performance-based email campaigns. This gives the hotel the advantage of having a competent partner for newsletter marketing in tourism. The selection of a newsletter agency for hotels is often accompanied by an individual consultation, which should be used in advance, so that the desired goals can be agreed upon. 

What are the benefits of hotel newsletters?

 Because they are measurable, customizable and efficient, hotel newsletters are a very cost-effective way to drive more bookings, better conversion rates and stronger customer loyalty. With different campaigns, which can be automated and selected with a newsletter software like ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER, it is also possible to increase the loyalty of returning guests to the hotel, because the newsletters are relevant to the target group.