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Glossary overview

Guest loyalty

Armin Gögele, last updated September 05, 2023


Guest loyalty refers to the extent to which guests are loyal and faithful to their own hotel business, and encompasses the art of not only attracting guests for a one-time stay, but also retaining them for the long term.


Guest loyalty is valuable because attracting new customers can be time-consuming and expensive. Regular guests who already know the hotel are more likely to book again and use additional services. Regular guests increase planning security by booking early, increase short-term occupancy (short-term booking decision) and are more likely to consume additional services because they are already familiar with all the hotel has to offer. In addition, they are valuable multipliers (recommendations). Read more in the article: More regular guests at the hotel: why the returning guest deserves more attention in marketing.

Advantages of guest loyalty in hotel marketing

  • Planning reliability
  • Cost-efficient
  • Short-term occupancy
  • Less dependence on OTAs
  • Longer stays

Frequently asked questions about guest loyalty in hotel marketing

How can a hotel promote guest loyalty?

A hotel can promote guest loyalty by providing personalized service, implementing loyalty programs, and offering regular special offers and exclusive benefits for returning guests. This includes communicating through various channels, such as email marketing or social media, to keep guests up to date on news, offers and events. A special focus should be on understanding and responding to guests' needs and preferences to increase their satisfaction and loyalty.

How can I measure the success of my guest retention strategy?

By using metrics such as rebooking rate, guest satisfaction and revenue per guest.

Why is guest loyalty more important than new customer acquisition in hotel marketing?

Guest loyalty is more cost-efficient because existing guests are easier to persuade to book again. In addition, regular guests increase planning security and revenue through additional services.

How can a hotel encourage guests to sign up for newsletters or loyalty programs?

With exclusive benefits, discounts or vouchers, hotels can persuade their guests to sign up for newsletters or loyalty programs.

Why is post-stay communication so important for guest retention?

Post-stay communication allows hotels to thank guests for their visit, solicit feedback and inform them of future offers. This keeps guests in touch and makes them feel valued.