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Glossary overview

Lead generation in the hospitality industry

Armin Gögele, last updated on 12.06.2023

Why lead generation matters for hotels

It is crucial for hotels to continuously attract new guests, so lead generation is a crucial factor. Lead generation is the process of collecting contact information from potential guests. The contact details are then used to follow up with prospects through targeted online marketing and communication through the right channels, ultimately converting them into guests.


Benefits of lead generation for hotels

Hotels can use lead generation to expand their target audience and reach more new guests, with the aim of converting them into loyal, long-term guests. By generating contact details, hotels gain vital information about their target audience and can target marketing more accurately, reducing wastage. Guests are supported before, during and after the booking process, which not only increases inquiries and bookings, but also promotes up-selling and cross-selling, and strengthens guest loyalty.

The most important questions about lead generation in the hospitality industry

What is lead generation in the hotel industry?

Lead generation is the process of collecting contact details of potential hotel guests. These prospects are then supported by targeted online marketing before, during and after the booking process and, in the best case, converted into guests.

What is the role of email marketing in lead generation for hotels?

Email marketing plays an important role in lead generation for hotels as it enables direct communication with potential guests. Personalized emails and newsletters can capture the interest of potential guests and convert them into actual guests.

What are the best online marketing strategies for hotel lead generation?

For hotel lead generation, online marketing strategies such as search engine advertising (SEA) and social media advertising are particularly well suited. Through targeted advertising, hotels can reach their target audience and generate qualified leads.