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Glossary overview

Cross Selling Hotels

Armin Gögele, last updated on May 5, 2023 

Cross selling as a marketing tool in the hospitality industry

Cross selling is an important part of marketing in the hospitality industry. It is about offering guests additional services and offers that match their original purchase. The goal is to increase revenue per guest while improving guest satisfaction. 

Successful cross-selling through relevant offers

Examples of cross-selling in the hotel industry include offering spa treatments, and excursions such as guided hikes or restaurant visits. The services offered must meet the needs of the guests. In addition, cross-selling should be subtle and not intrusive to ensure a positive experience for the guest. Another important factor in successful cross-selling is communication with guests. Hotels should inform guests of the various additional services and offers before they arrive, for example through personalized emails

Advantages of cross selling in the hotel industry:

  • Increased revenue: by selling additional services and offers, revenue per guest is increased.
  • Guest satisfaction: By offering guests suitable and appealing additional services, their satisfaction is increased.
  • Guest loyalty: Positive experiences with customized offers promote guest loyalty to the hotel.
  • Diversification: cross selling allows hotels to expand their offerings and develop new revenue streams.

Key questions about cross-selling in the hotel industry

How can I successfully implement cross-selling as a hotelier?

In order to successfully implement cross-selling in the hotel industry, hoteliers should know their guests' needs and interests and respond to them in a targeted manner. Offers should also be presented in a subtle and appropriate manner.

What ancillary services are best suited for cross-selling in the hotel industry?

Ancillary services such as spa treatments, excursions such as guided hikes or restaurant visits are particularly well suited to cross-selling in the hotel industry, as they offer guests an experience.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my cross selling?

The effectiveness of cross selling can be measured by metrics such as additional revenue per guest, conversion rates, and guest reviews. Analyzing this data enables continuous optimization of the offers.