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Glossary overview

Definition Hotel inquiry - Booking inquiry - Reservation inquiry

Armin Gögele, last updated on June 19, 2023


As a hotelier, it is important to understand the needs of your potential guests and provide them with the best possible experience. A crucial stage in the booking process is the inquiry, where potential guests request information about availability, rates, and other important details.


What is an Inquiry?

An Inquiry is a direct communication between a potential guest and a hotel requesting information about a potential stay. This can be done through various channels such as email, phone, contact form on the hotel website or booking platforms.

By making an Inquiry, a potential guest expresses a concrete interest in staying at the hotel and proactively requests an offer. If the hotel's subsequent vacation proposal meets the potential guest's approval (i.e., he or she books a stay), the inquiry is converted into a reservation.


What role do inquiries or reservation requests play for the guest?

Inquiries play a critical role in the booking process by allowing the guest to ask the desired hotel specific questions and obtain additional information about the potential stay that is not directly available online. By responding to hotel inquiries quickly and with high quality, hotels can gain the trust of potential guests and ultimately generate more bookings from those inquiries.


How should a hotel inquiry be handled?

Responding to inquiries quickly and accurately is critical to satisfying potential guests and increasing their likelihood of booking. Addressing specific questions, uncertainties and doubts plays a key role. Here are some best practices for handling inquiries:

  • Response time: Hoteliers should respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. A prompt response looks professional and shows that you value the guest's interest.
  • Personalization: Responses must be individualized by addressing the guest's specific questions, concerns, and needs. Relevant information and recommendations are especially good at piquing the guest's interest.
  • Friendliness and professionalism: Courteous and professional communication is a must. A positive experience with the hotel begins with this initial inquiry.
  • Complete information: Hoteliers and responsible staff must ensure that all relevant information the guest needs to make an informed decision is provided. This includes rates, availability, amenity details and other special features.


Key Questions About Hotel Inquiries / Reservation Requests & Booking Inquiries

How quickly should hoteliers respond to booking requests?

Ideally, inquiries should be responded to within 24 hours. The faster a hotel responds, the more likely it is that the guest will ultimately make a hotel reservation. In general, hoteliers should respond as quickly as possible to leave a positive impression.

What information should be included in an inquiry response?

A response should include all relevant information, such as rates, availability, room details, amenities, special services, directions, and cancellation policies.