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Glossary overview

CRM Tourism

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 08, 2023 

An essential support for customer service

Tourism is an industry where customer service plays a particularly important role. Good customer relations are crucial to convincing travellers to return and recommend the company to others. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can help maintain and improve customer relationships.

CRM in Tourism

CRM in tourism refers to the management of customer relationships and interactions in the industry. This includes collecting, analyzing, and using customer data to provide personalized offers and better customer service. A CRM system helps to store and manage all customer information in a central location for quick access and use when needed. 

Ways to use a CRM system in tourism

There are many ways to use CRM in tourism:

  • Personalized offers: A CRM system makes it possible to collect and analyze customer information to create personalized offers.
  • Customer history: A CRM system helps track the history of customer relationships and understand how they have evolved over time.
  • Customer feedback: A CRM system can also be used to collect customer feedback to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Customer communication: A CRM system allows you to manage and organize customer communications to ensure that all customer inquiries and concerns are handled quickly and effectively.

Top questions about CRM in tourism

Why CRM in tourism?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in tourism can help improve customer relations and support the sale of travel and services. A CRM system collects and manages all relevant customer information in one place, allowing you to create personalized offers, increase customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, a CRM system can automate work processes to increase efficiency. It also provides access to comprehensive customer information that can help in decision-making.

What makes a good tourism CRM system?

A good tourism CRM system should be able to collect and manage all relevant customer information to improve customer relationships and help sell travel and services.