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Glossary overview


Armin Gögele, last updated on December 21, 2022

Customer Relationship Management

The organization and structure of customer data is extremely important for successful customer retention. In order for companies of all kinds to have an overview of their customers and potential business partners, a CRM is irreplaceable in everyday work. A CRM application is a synonym for a CRM system and describes the software of a program that simplifies customer/guest management. The advantage is usually the ease of use as well as the synchronization of guest data throughout the system.


Functions of a CRM app

  • Simplify customer or guest retention and management of existing guest relationships
  • Store guest data for direct communication and marketing strategy
  • Facilitate the daily work of employees with the ability to directly enter guest notes
  • Improve communication between hotel employees for effective work
  • Storing of guest's wishes and individual ideas to improve the overall guest service


CRM application in the hotel industry

CRM is especially useful for the reception desk, as it makes life much easier for the hotel staff. Since all data is visible at a glance, each guest can be addressed individually according to their preferences and needs. Interfaces to the hotel's internal PMS and other software programs, such as the voucher system, simplify daily processes and help the hotel improve communication with guests and service. With the guest data collected, additional marketing methods such as social media ads or Google Ads can be used to potentially re-engage existing guests or reach similar audiences.

Frequently asked questions about CRM applications

What is a CRM app?

A CRM app is nothing more than a 'classic' CRM system that can also be operated from anywhere via the software system on end devices such as smartphones or tablets. The advantage of this is that new incoming data can be viewed and checked from anywhere.

Should a CRM application match the hotel software?

Ideally, a CRM application should match the hotel software. This can often be achieved through an interface that allows the CRM data to be viewed from mobile devices.