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Glossary overview

Coupon marketing hotels

also Voucher marketing Hotels

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 04, 2023

Voucher Marketing in the Hotel Industry 

Voucher marketing is part of a hotel's marketing strategy. As a sub-discipline in the overall picture of digital marketing, there are different types of use. These can include vouchers for regular guests, such as a special incentive for previously unused or frequently used hotel-internal services, or vouchers for first-time bookings and guests who have never visited the hotel before. In general, voucher marketing in the hotel industry is an effective contribution to individual guest loyalty. 


This is mainly due to the many different ways it can be used, such as discount promotions, vouchers for the hotel's spa or restaurant, but also for room reservations or other discounts. In some holiday regions, it also makes sense for hoteliers to partner with local activity providers and offer vouchers to their own guests.  

Voucher marketing for new hotel openings 

When opening a new hotel, voucher marketing is an excellent way to increase awareness, for example by offering great deals and promotions, such as a voucher for the hotel restaurant to the first 100 guests who make a room reservation. An extravagant example that many hoteliers can use in the form of social media advertising is a voucher for an overnight stay in exchange for a linked post about the hotel on social media. In this way, hoteliers can get honest feedback and build awareness of the hotel right from the start. In addition, voucher marketing can be used to persuade both regular and new guests of a hotel chain to book relatively quickly.

The most important questions about vouchers hotels

Is a voucher a discount?

A voucher does not necessarily have to contain a discount. It is true that most vouchers give a percentage discount, or give a discount for a certain booking. However, vouchers for hotels can also offer additional services, for example, so that guests get an extra meal or spa treatment when they book.

How can I increase my sales with voucher marketing?

Vouchers clearly serve the purpose of creating a win-win situation. Both the guest and the hotel operator should get added value should the hotel offer vouchers. Vouchers are suitable for hotels, especially for the acquisition of new guests, or for upselling within the hotel. In this case, attractive offers are offered at an affordable price in order to make guests aware of the full scope of the hotel's own offer.

Which voucher types are useful in the hotel industry?

Vouchers that are often given as gifts are particularly useful for the hotel industry. Especially on occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or Valentine's Day, vouchers for hotels and their offers are ideal gifts. So vouchers tailored to these occasions make the most sense in the field of voucher marketing. General vouchers that guarantee the guest a free overnight stay or a visit to the spa also make sense for attracting new guests and maintaining regular guests.