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Glossary overview

Google Ads Hotel

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 16, 2023 

Google Ads Campaigns for the Hotel Industry 

Google Ads campaigns, as well as other marketing strategies for hotels, offer a predictable and scalable increase in the visibility of the hotel. The advantage of Google Ads is that users searching from specific vacation regions are directed directly to the availability of a room in the respective hotel. As a sub-discipline of paid online advertising, Google Ads campaigns in the hotel industry offer an increase in awareness of the hotel through top search engine results. 

Effectiveness of Google Ads in the hotel industry 

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, processing millions of searches from different audiences every day. Hoteliers can use Google Ads to draw the attention of a wide audience to possible bookings in the desired destinations. In addition, there is the added benefit of organic search engine optimization, as more website visitors stay on the hotel website.

Keyword based marketing with Google Ads can be used to target different audiences and generate more guest reservations. All in all, the high effectiveness of Google Ads increases hotel occupancy and revenue. 


Attracting guests with Google Ads for the hotel industry 

Google Ads for Hotels is ideal for returning guests or guests who have stayed at your hotel in the past or have stayed at your hotel in the past. They will be reminded of the hotel by the ad creative and may even search for the hotel specifically to make another room reservation.  Due to the different positioning possibilities for search queries, hoteliers can make individual adjustments for different seasonal conditions or target groups in order to optimally integrate the better predictability of occupancy into the hotel's internal processes for a continuous increase in sales.

The most important questions about Google Ads

What are the options for advertising with Google Ads?

Google Ads offer a wide range of different possibilities, especially for hotel operators, to advertise in a targeted manner and in different areas. It can be decided individually whether it is only about increasing one's own awareness or whether direct bookings are to be made. It is also possible to advertise events or discount promotions in your own hotel.

How useful are Google Ads?

Paid advertising in itself is always useful when it comes to automated acquisition of guests or general awareness. Since Google is the largest search engine in the world, with millions of people accessing it every day in German-speaking countries alone, targeted advertising here not only makes sense, but is also highly effective.

What types of Google Ads are there?

Google Ads are not limited to Google Search itself, as most people think. Via so-called in-app advertising, advertising can also be placed on most available apps via Google itself. The campaigns themselves also differ in nature. While some are designed for direct conversions, i.e. bookings, others pursue the goal of increasing the awareness of the hotel or advertising certain promotions.

Where do Google Ads appear?

First and foremost, the classic Google Ads appear in the Google search. You can recognize them by the small word 'Ad' at the bottom left of the search result. In addition, there are Google ads on websites themselves and even in apps. Since YouTube is now also part of the Google Group, targeted video ads on this platform can also be considered a type of Google advertising.