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Glossary overview

Video Marketing

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 31, 2023


Video marketing is a marketing strategy that uses videos to promote a brand or business or to sell products and services. Various goals can be achieved with video marketing. It can introduce new brands, businesses, or products, increase bookings, enhance brand awareness, or improve customer loyalty.


In accordance with these goals, there are different types of videos. Tutorials show how to use a certain product, while brand videos invoke positive emotions connected to a destination, business, or brand. The internet and numerous social media platforms - mostly the video-sharing site YouTube - are used to distribute this kind of content.


Video marketing is a subdiscipline of online marketing, and it helps to communicate effectively with a target audience.

Advantages of video marketing in hotel marketing:

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Marketing in Hotel Marketing

What kind of videos are suitable for hotel marketing?

 Hotel tours that give guests a virtual glimpse of the rooms, facilities and surroundings or even the presentation of culinary highlights can showcase the hotel and generate attention from potential guests. At the same time, guides for local exploration or special activities provide valuable information.

Where should I post my videos?

 Platforms such as YouTube, social media and the hotel's website are appropriate places to post videos. Likewise, videos can be included in newsletters and emails to provide additional information to guests.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my video marketing campaigns?

 By analyzing views, engagement, click-through rate, and viewer dwell time, you can assess the effectiveness of your videos.

How can video marketing be used in the hospitality industry for employee recruitment?

 Video marketing offers an authentic insight into the work culture, team dynamics and career opportunities at the hotel. This allows potential employees to experience the atmosphere at the hotel and better imagine what it's like to work there, making it easier to recruit qualified staff.

Why is video marketing the future of online marketing?

Video marketing is the future of online marketing because videos offer greater reach and better engagement rates than purely text-based content. They appeal visually and emotionally, which strengthens customer loyalty. The increasing use of video platforms and social media underscores the importance of video for communicating and reaching target audiences.