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Glossary overview

Search Engine Marketing for Hotels

Armin Gögele, last updated 22.12.2022

Types of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in the Hotel Industry

Search Engine Marketing is a subset of online marketing strategies in the hotel industry and is divided into two different areas: 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    SEO is the abbreviation for "Search Engine Optimization" and describes an organic method to improve the ranking of a hotel website on Google. This is done by optimizing the website content for specific keywords, as well as improving the loading time and overall user experience on the hotel website.
  • SEA (Search Engine Advertising)
    Search Engine Advertising (SEA) refers to the placement of online advertisements on search engines (e.g. Google Ads) in order to generate more awareness, visibility and sales. Search engines such as Google, YouTube, Bing or Yahoo are particularly suitable for this purpose.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
    Social media marketing is a separate area of online marketing, but it can also be considered as a part of search engine marketing, although it is not traditionally seen as part of it. Hashtags on social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok have a similar effect to keywords, and YouTube is a perfect example of a combination of search engine and social media platform. YouTube offers a combination of specific search queries and visual content creation in the form of videos, and is ideal for an emotional approach to the target audience.

Importance of Search Engine Marketing for Hotels

Search engine marketing for hotels is very important in the marketing strategy to achieve proper visibility and awareness in the industry and to produce content that is more relevant to the target audience. Search engines, such as Google, want to provide valuable and value-added content to readers and rank hotels higher if they meet the preferences/desires of the target audience. This is very important for the hotel industry to stay competitive or even get ahead of other hotels in the hotel industry. An SEO agency can help and assist with this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Search Engine Marketing for Hotels

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing includes two main topics. Paid advertising and SEO. Paid advertising involves placing ads on search engines such as Google and YouTube that have a set daily budget. SEO, on the other hand, involves optimizing the content on the website so that it is perceived as more relevant by search engines like Google, thus ensuring a better ranking.

What is possible with Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing usually offers much greater opportunities and possibilities than initially thought. Search engines like Google are used by millions of people every day in German-speaking countries alone. Therefore, a good ranking for meaningful and relevant search terms not only ensures a massive increase in website traffic, but also significantly more bookings in the hotel industry.

What is SEM?

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing. This is divided into both organic marketing such as SEO and paid advertising via Google or even other search engines.