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Glossary overview

Content Marketing

Armin Gögele, last updated on July 7, 2023

Content marketing is a marketing approach focused on creating and distributing informative, useful or entertaining content that directly addresses a certain target group.


Especially in the field of online media, content marketing has become an important component of corporate communication. It can be used to attract new customers or guests, to increase awareness for a company, person or product or to improve their image.


As opposed to ads, banners or commercials, the main objective of online marketing is not only to depict a company or product in a positive way, but also to provide useful information, valuable knowledge, and entertaining content. With tutorials, blog posts, games, tests, surveys or how-to guides the content producers position themselves as experts, advisors, or entertainers and share their knowledge with the user. This kind of content can be published and shared on different social media platforms, blogs or websites as well as in newsletters or e-books.

Benefits of Content Marketing in Hotel Marketing

  • Guest loyalty: By providing valuable content, hotels can build strong relationships with their guests, fostering long-term loyalty.
  • Increased visibility: High-quality content can contribute to better search engine rankings and enhance online visibility for the hotel.
  • Image building: Publishing informative and useful content allows hotels to demonstrate their expertise and unique qualities.
  • Target audience engagement: Through targeted content marketing strategies, hotels can directly address their target audience and provide relevant information that meets their needs and interests.

The most important questions about Content Marketing

What types of content are suitable for content marketing in the hotel industry?

Hotels can utilize various types of content for content marketing, such as travel guides, blog posts about local attractions, culinary recommendations, hotel reviews, and insider tips. It is important to create content that is relevant and appealing to the target audience.

Which channels are suitable for publishing content marketing materials?

Hotels can publish their content marketing materials on various channels, including their own hotel website, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, travel platforms, blog platforms, and email newsletters. The choice of channels should be based on the target audience and the hotel's specific goals.

How can the success of content marketing in hotel marketing be measured?

The success of content marketing can be measured using various metrics, such as page views, website dwell time, social media interactions, leads generated, or bookings resulting from content marketing efforts. Web analytics and social media analytics tools can assist in measuring and optimizing content performance.