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Glossary overview

Google Hotel Marketing

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 11, 2023

What is Hotel Google Marketing?

Google Marketing plays a vital role in hotel marketing. Today, a hotel's online presence is more important than ever to reach and convince potential guests online. Hotel Google Marketing is the marketing of hotels through Google, specifically through the Google search engine. The goal is to increase a hotel's visibility in search results and thereby generate more bookings.

How does Hotel Google Marketing work?

Hotel Google Marketing consists of several components. These include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Google My Business. Through targeted website optimization and the use of relevant keywords, hotels can be found more easily in Google's organic search results. With SEA, hotels can place targeted ads to increase their visibility. Google My Business allows hoteliers to manage a hotel profile on Google and provide information such as opening hours, reviews and photos.

What are the benefits of Hotel Google Marketing?

With Hotel Google Marketing, hotels can improve their online presence and attract potential guests. Higher visibility in search results can lead to more clicks to the website and therefore more bookings. In addition, Google My Business offers a free way to manage the hotel's online profile on Google, providing important information and a direct booking option for potential guests.

The most important questions about hotel Google marketing

Can a hotel marketing agency help with search engine marketing on Google Hotels?

Yes, a hotel marketing agency helps hoteliers to improve and optimize search engine marketing for the hotel website. This includes measures such as optimizing content marketing, creating Google Hotel Ads or improving search engine optimization (SEO) for hotel websites. It is important that the agency works transparently and professionally, and ideally has previous experience in the hotel industry. 

How can the existing budget for Google Marketing in the hotel be used effectively?

Effective use of the available budget for Google marketing in the hotel is defined by careful planning and targeting, as well as the use of targeted keywords and ad types. In addition, hoteliers should regularly review and optimize the campaigns they run.