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Glossary overview

Google Display Network

Armin Gögele, last updated on July 24, 2023


The Display Network is an advertising network provided by Google LLC that can be used for online advertising. Specifically, this network consists of over two million websites, videos, and applications that participate in the Google AdSense program and offer digital advertising space. These ad spaces can be purchased at auction through Google Ads to display ads.

The big difference from the search network is how the ads are displayed: In the display network, they are displayed thematically, while in the search network they are displayed based on precise keywords. Second, in addition to text ads, the display network allows you to create and place video and image ads.

Benefits of Google Display Network in Hotel Marketing

  • High reach through a variety of websites, videos, and apps
  • Diverse ad formats, such as text ads, video ads, and image ads
  • Specific, topic-related targeting of ads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Effective remarketing 
  • Measurable performance and maximized results
  • Increased ROI

The most important questions about Google Display Network

How can ads be targeted in the Display Network?

In the Google Display Network, hotels can target their ads based on themes, interests, placements, and demographic characteristics. For instance, utilizing interest-based targeting allows hotels to show their ads to people who have already expressed interest in topics or activities related to their hotel. This targeting approach enables hotels to reach relevant audiences and increase the effectiveness of their ads, leading to a more efficient use of the budget and higher success rates in the Display Network.

How can I ensure that ads appear only on high-quality and relevant websites in the Display Network?

Google provides tools like the Ad Exclusion tool and Placement targeting to control ad placements. By selecting specific keywords and categories, you can ensure that your ads appear on relevant and reputable websites.

What ad formats are available in the Google Display Network, and which ones are best suited for hotel marketing?

The Google Display Network offers various ad formats, including text ads, banner ads, video ads, and native ads. For hotel marketing, engaging banner ads and video ads are particularly effective in capturing the attention of potential guests.