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Glossary overview

Internet Marketing Tourismus

Armin Gögele, last updated on 08.11.2022

Online Marketing in Tourism

The world is connected thanks to the internet and in many industries, such as the hotel industry, many target groups are often online, especially on social media platforms. That's why internet marketing in tourism is now an important part of hotel marketing. Online suggestions, attractions or offers often inspire the target group to make a booking and offer the hotelier a valuable opportunity to generate more reach and awareness. 

Hotel direct marketing via social media and the hotel website

Direct marketing on social media or the hotel website can enhance the hotel's image and increase the interaction rate. As a result, the hotel not only gains more exposure, but also more guests. Communicating directly with the community through news, posts and stories on Instagram or TikTok improves guest loyalty and builds trust and comfort with the hotel.

The most important questions about Internet Marketing Tourism

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing, or online marketing, focuses on marketing hotels through social media, search engines and the hotel's own website. Methods such as search engine optimisation or even PPC (paid advertising) marketing are used. Online marketing methods are often superior to traditional marketing methods, especially when it comes to targeting and optimisation.

Why is internet marketing so important in the tourism industry?

Thanks to the digital age, more and more people can be found and targeted in social media or on the internet in general. In some cases, very detailed user profiles can be created that reflect the interests and demographic values of potential guests. Thanks to these very precise values, internet marketing can be used to target one's own audience very precisely, which leads to more bookings, especially in tourism.

Which platforms are relevant for internet marketing in tourism?

For hotel marketing, platforms such as Google, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are particularly useful in the tourism industry to get in touch with the target audience.

Can hoteliers use online marketing to minimise their dependence on OTAs?

Definitely, as hotels have more control over their desired guests and can better manage success. It can also encourage the target audience to make more direct bookings and better highlight the hotel's unique selling proposition.