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Glossary overview

Internet Marketing Hotel

Armin Gögele, last updated on 08.11.2022


Digital Marketing in the Hotel Industry

Internet Marketing Hotel is the definition for all processes that serve the online marketing of hotels. It enables hotels to achieve more occupancy, better guest loyalty and greater reach. Tailored to the industry and target audience, Internet marketing in the hotel industry makes the hotel more competitive and provides ample opportunity for the desired growth of the hotel.


Possibilities of Internet Marketing in Hotels

  • Lead generation
  • An attractive and compelling hotel website for more direct bookings
  • Leverage existing guest data, e.g. with hotel newsletter marketing
  • Direct contact with target audience to increase guest loyalty
  • Better communication of the hotel's unique selling proposition
  • Increased revenue and occupancy through increased awareness
  • Search engine marketing through SEO and SEA on Google for increased visibility


The most important questions about Internet Marketing Hotel

What is Internet Marketing Hotel?

Hotels have the opportunity to reach new guests or target their desired audience online. This means that marketing methods such as search engine optimisation, social media marketing and paid advertising can be used to target potential guests. As a result, hoteliers can significantly increase their reach and awareness through their online presence and improve occupancy throughout the year. 

What are the key considerations when it comes to Internet marketing for hotels?

The most important thing for hoteliers to remember is that when it comes to internet marketing, it is important to know your target audience. If hoteliers know how their target audience works, they can reach them through targeted advertising. This advertising can be either paid or organic. In particular, social media marketing or search engine optimisation is a good option for hotels.

How can I use internet marketing for my hotel?

Internet marketing is all about taking a holistic view of the guest data you collect. The first step is to understand how your target audience works and how they behave online. The ideal basis for internet marketing for hotels is the hotel's own website and an attractive social media presence. This can then be used to generate reach through targeted advertising and search engine optimisation, resulting in more bookings and room reservations.

When should hoteliers seek the assistance of a hotel marketing agency?

Especially if the hotelier has no previous marketing experience or online knowledge. However, a hotel marketing agency can also be useful for advanced or marketing managers in the hotel to work out the desired goals. Together, target audiences can be developed and sustainable hotel marketing process plans can be created. An advertising agency can also help with the overall design of the advertising campaign, so that it is broad-based, low-risk and delivers the best possible results.

How do I find the right web marketing agency for my hotel?

It is advisable for hoteliers to compare various offers from advertising agencies and, if necessary, hold a consultation meeting. This will allow them to ask questions about their expertise and strategy for marketing the hotel online. Another important point may be the integration of possible tools offered by the marketing agency for the hotel industry and whether these are adapted to each other.