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Glossary overview


Armin Gögele, last updated on August 31, 2023


In marketing and sales psychology, the term USP (unique selling proposition) refers to the unique features that differentiate a product, a business, a brand or a destination from other offers on the market.


It can consist of exclusive design, technical innovations, special product features, or a unique service and justifies the prices that are charged. Key factors are profitability, authenticity, and target group orientation.


USPs distinguish a business from its competitors and thus strengthen its market position. It is essential to define and leverage USPs, since they form the basis of a successful marketing strategy.

Advantages of USP in hotel marketing

  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Attraction of guests
  • Guest loyalty
  • Effective marketing campaigns

Frequently asked questions on the topic of USP in hotel marketing

Why is identifying a unique selling proposition so important?

A unique selling proposition allows hotels to stand out in a competitive market and communicate a clear message. The strengths, special features and benefits can be communicated to attract guests looking for a unique and meaningful experience. At the same time, a USP promotes guest loyalty as a strong emotional connection tends to be established. Identifying a USP forms the basis for targeted hotel marketing and allows the hotel to effectively align its marketing strategies to build a loyal and engaged guest base.

How can I use my unique selling proposition effectively in my marketing strategy?

You should present your unique selling proposition consistently and convincingly in all your marketing communications, from the website to social media and advertising campaigns.

How do I find my unique selling proposition?

A thorough analysis of your own offering and the competition can help identify a unique feature.

Can a USP change over time?

Depending on changes in the market and in customer requirements, it may make sense to adapt the USP.