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Glossary overview

Increase hotel occupancy

Armin Gögele, last updated on September 19, 2023

Importance of hotel occupancy for the success of a hotel

Hotel occupancy plays a crucial role in the success of a hotel, as it is directly related to the hotel's revenue and profit. Low occupancy can lead to a loss of revenue and a deterioration of the hotel's reputation. Therefore, it is important to develop strategies to increase occupancy and achieve continuous guest attraction, for example, through effective online marketing.

Possible reasons for low hotel occupancy

  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Lack of awareness of the hotel
  • Lack of target group approach
  • Pricing of available services
  • Competition from other local hotel chains

Strategies for Increasing Hotel Occupancy

1. Online marketing:
Through targeted online marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA) and social media marketing, hotels can increase their visibility and reach, target potential guests and increase bookings.


2. Customized hotel offers and packages:
Hotels can increase their competitiveness and generate more bookings by offering attractive packages tailored to the needs of their guests. For example, hotel-internal services such as the restaurant or spa can be included in the marketing strategy, as well as voucher marketing for guest loyalty.


3. Returning (regular) guests:

Targeted guest retention through email newsletters, repeat guest programs and satisfactory customer service can help drive repeat bookings and result in a standard increase in hotel occupancy.


4. Local collaborations:
By strategically partnering with tourism or local businesses, hotels can increase their visibility and attract the attention of potential guests. Successful collaborations with influencers can also effectively reach and engage additional audiences.

Key questions to increase hotel occupancy

What online marketing efforts are useful for increasing hotel occupancy?

Through online marketing efforts such as SEO, SEA and social media marketing, hotels can increase their visibility on the Internet and attract more potential guests, which can ultimately help increase hotel occupancy. A hotel marketing agency can help with planning and implementation.

How can hoteliers balance seasonal fluctuations and achieve consistent occupancy?

One possible strategy for achieving consistent occupancy is to attract new audiences and target the hotel's offerings to them. This can be achieved through targeted online marketing and innovative hotel offerings.