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Glossary overview

Hotel Marketing Plan

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 23, 2023


What is a hotel marketing plan and why is it important?

A hotel marketing plan is a comprehensive strategy that coordinates and plans all of the hotel's marketing activities. An effective marketing plan is important to have a clear idea of the hotel's goals and strategy, and to ensure that the marketing budget is used in the best possible way. This includes

  • Audience & competitive analysis
  • Marketing objectives & strategy
  • Budget planning
  • Implementing the marketing plan
  • Measuring the success of marketing activities


What should hoteliers consider when creating a hotel marketing plan? 

At a glance, the following aspects are useful and particularly relevant to the success of hotel marketing. 

  • Define the target audience and consider the needs and desires of the guests.
  • Develop a clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Make budget planning realistic and use the budget wisely.
  • Regularly monitor and adjust the implementation and control of the plan.
  • Select effective marketing channels and messages that suit the target audience, make targeted use of social media and regularly review the success of marketing activities.

 Top questions about hotel marketing plans

How do hotels monitor the effectiveness of a hotel marketing plan?

Hotels can use a variety of methods to monitor the effectiveness of a hotel marketing plan, such as analyzing bookings and sales before and after the plan is implemented, collecting data on customer feedback and reviews, and tracking metrics such as website traffic and conversion rates.

How can I tailor a hotel marketing plan to my target audience?

To tailor a hotel marketing plan to your target audience, you should first define your target audience and analyze their needs, preferences and behaviors. You can then select targeted marketing activities and advertising channels that will appeal to and reach your target audience.