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Glossary overview

Facebook Advertising Hotel

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 08, 2023 

Facebook Advertising Tourism

With Facebook Advertising in Tourism, hoteliers have the opportunity to reach potential guests in a targeted manner. By addressing them directly, the content can be tailored to the target group and presented in an emotional and inspiring way, increasing room bookings. Facebook advertising helps to automate bookings in the tourism industry and increases the visibility of the hotel.

Social Media Marketing in the Hotel Industry

In addition to Facebook, there are several other social media platforms, such as TikTok or Instagram, where marketing is worthwhile. These usually make sense individually, always with a view to the existing and desired target groups. During research, it is possible to find out which social media platforms are most likely to be used by potential guests of the hotel. Through attractive marketing and a hospitable approach online, the hotel attracts new guests. Certain marketing methods can also be used to target returning guests for their next booking.

The most important questions about hotel advertising on Facebook

How effective is hotel advertising on Facebook?

As one of the largest social media platforms, Facebook is uniquely suited for hotel marketing. The clear advantage over many other social media platforms is that Facebook provides an extremely large amount of data about its own users. As a result, hoteliers can place very detailed and targeted advertisements to reach potential guests.

How do I advertise my hotel on Facebook?

To advertise on Facebook, hoteliers need a business account. Next, you can create the so-called Ad Manager. Through the Ad Manager, hoteliers can select the demographic and structural information they want to target in order to attract new guests.

What are the benefits of advertising for hotels on Facebook?

Advertising for hotels on Facebook can be used in many different ways. On the one hand, these ads can be used to increase awareness and brand building, but they can also provide a direct increase in guest reservations. The type of ad can be customized through creative and targeting, so hoteliers can decide exactly who they want to reach.

How do I place good Facebook Ads in the hotel industry?

To market your hotel online on Facebook, there are several formats for creative ads, with exact specifications and categories for different types of vacations. Different Facebook Ads can be created to target a family vacation or a spa vacation, as well as for internal hotel offerings in the form of a hotel restaurant or spa. However, it is important that the target group of potential guests is addressed emotionally and that the data obtained is evaluated for further optimization.

Can Facebook advertising be automated in the hospitality industry?

Yes, with the right hotel software, tools and marketing efforts. Most importantly, data analysis and data-driven marketing can be automated to increase success and simplify the day-to-day business of hotel marketing. Professional agencies can help with scaling, automation and setup.