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Glossary overview

Online Marketing Newsletter

Armin Gögele, last updated on 28.09.2022


Creating an Online Marketing Newsletter

Creating an online marketing newsletter allows (potential) guests to be constantly informed about current promotions or events. Similar to other benefits of online marketing in the hotel industry, guest loyalty and hotel sales are improved. Data can be analyzed separately thanks to different campaigns and the ability to choose which newsletter subscribers to send emails to.


Automate online marketing with a newsletter system

With the right software, newsletter marketing is one of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use marketing options available to the hospitality industry. In addition, there are newsletter agencies in the hotel industry that can help with email marketing in general, but also specifically with creating a newsletter system. If hoteliers and hotel marketing managers have little experience in online marketing, the assistance of a hotel marketing agency can be useful.


The most important questions about online marketing newsletter

Can newsletters be automated?

Yes, with an appropriate software like ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER, automation is possible. For example, emotional email campaigns can be prepared in advance and sent to different recipients. With a newsletter system it is also possible to send personalized emails to specific guests.

How can I achieve better guest retention through newsletter marketing for hotels?

Through direct communication via email or newsletter marketing, and thanks to exciting content, guests who have subscribed to the hotel newsletter feel personally addressed. This in turn has a positive effect on guest retention. Therefore, hoteliers should make sure that their newsletter marketing is targeted, emotional and fascinating.