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Glossary overview

Online Advertising for Hotels

Armin Gögele, last updated on November 08, 2023


Increase Occupancy with Online Hotel Advertising

Online advertising for hotels is synonymous with online marketing and is part of many marketing strategies in the hotel industry. Online advertising is usually placed to increase occupancy and revenue, as it offers many opportunities to increase awareness. It also increases the accessibility of different target audiences due to a wider reach that can be increased through different channels. Overall, online advertising increases the general awareness of a hotel. 


Opportunities for Online Advertising in the Hospitality Industry

Online marketing should be used specifically to brand and increase awareness of the hotel. This includes a good hotel website, but also an appropriate landing page as a basic requirement for good online marketing in the hotel industry.  A landing page is a sales-optimized page to which advertisements are redirected. It is even more relevant for online marketing than the hotel's own website. In general, however, it can be said that a professional online presence is a great advantage over the competition. Another important way for hotels to advertise online is through social media. Staying in touch with one's own target group ensures closeness and sympathy, and potential guests experience a familiar, professional interaction.


The customer journey in online hotel marketing

By paying attention to the customer journey, a hotelier can significantly increase their visibility and awareness. This is because a potential guest usually goes through several touchpoints with the hotel online. Here is a possible example: A potential guest is planning the upcoming summer vacation and sees a post on Instagram/a video of the hotel on Tiktok, or searches for the vacation region on Google. Later, he reads a post or reviews about the hotel on Google and decides to book. That's why it's important to actively engage in content marketing on as many meaningful platforms as possible to get the best visibility and stay in the mind of the potential guest.


The most important questions about online advertising for hotels

What is online advertising?

Online advertising is nothing more than placing advertisements on digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others. The advantage is that you can reach your target audience quickly and effectively with comparatively small budgets.

How can you advertise online?

Platforms such as Google or Facebook provide user interfaces that allow advertisers to effectively place ads on their platforms. Care should be taken to ensure that the desired audience is represented on the platform.

What is important in online advertising?

In today's digital age, online advertising is becoming increasingly important for hotels. Not only is it much more effective and easier to attract new guests through these channels, but the general trend is moving more and more towards the internet, social media and digitalisation.

Which platforms are suitable for online advertising?

In principle, almost all major platforms on the internet are suitable for online advertising. Of course, big players such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram stand out. It is important to find out which of these channels make the most sense to advertise on, especially when researching target audiences.

Where should online advertising be placed?

In the long term, the principle of diversification also applies to online advertising. This means that it makes sense to have a presence on all the major platforms. Only at the beginning should you ensure that certain platforms are not used.