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Glossary overview

Instagram Hotel Marketing

Armin Gögele, last updated 03/11/2023 


What is Instagram Hotel Marketing?

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for visual marketing and a great way for hotels to showcase their offerings and services. Instagram hotel marketing is a method of digital marketing where hotels and restaurants use the Instagram platform to reach their target audience and promote their brand through visual content such as photos and videos. By sharing engaging content on the platform, hotels can increase their visibility and directly engage and interact with their target audience.


How does Instagram Hotel Marketing work?

Instagram hotel marketing typically involves creating an Instagram profile for the hotel, where attractive photos and videos are shared on a regular basis. By using relevant hashtags and collaborating with influencers, hotels can increase their reach on the platform and engage their target audience directly. In addition, Instagram ads can be used to target potential guests. A hotel social media marketing agency can help develop a holistic marketing approach for the hotel industry, greatly increasing the reach and awareness of the hotel.


The most important questions about Instagram hotel marketing

What kind of content should I share on Instagram to appeal to potential guests?

To appeal to potential guests on Instagram, hotels should share engaging visual content that showcases the atmosphere and décor of the hotel and rooms, as well as promote interesting activities in the area, culinary offerings, and possible events or promotions. User-generated content and influencer collaborations can also be useful.

How can Instagram ads be used to target potential guests?

Instagram ads offer the opportunity to target potential guests by hoteliers selecting demographics, interests, and behaviors, for example. By using appealing images and texts, it is possible to arouse the interest of the target group and convince them to book a room.