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Glossary overview

Brand Advertising Hotel Industry

Armin Gögele, last updated on 13.06.2023

What is brand advertising?

Brand advertising encompasses all marketing activities aimed at strengthening a hotel's brand image and awareness and increasing brand recognition. This includes paid advertising, social media activities, public relations and the creation of brand messages and experiences. In this way, brand advertising enables hotels to showcase their offerings to attract and retain guests. 

Successful brand advertising in the hospitality industry

Creating a consistent brand identity is critical to the success of brand advertising in the hospitality industry. It is about choosing a consistent visual language, matching colors and fonts, and following a clear line of communication that differentiates the hotel from the competition.

The most important questions about hotel brand advertising 

How can a hotel effectively communicate its brand message in advertising campaigns?

A hotel can communicate its brand message by using clear and consistent messages that highlight the unique features and benefits of the hotel. It is important to reach guests emotionally and to spread the message through different channels. 

What are the best channels for brand promotion in the hotel industry?

Digital channels such as social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram), search engine marketing (Google Ads) and display advertising are effective ways to increase the reach and visibility of a hotel brand. In addition, offline channels such as print ads, billboards and radio advertising can be useful. Channels for brand advertising will vary depending on the target audience. 

How can hotels use storytelling to reinforce their brand in campaigns?

Hotels can use storytelling by telling stories about guest experiences or local culture. By creating an emotional connection with guests and telling authentic stories, hotels can capture the interest and attention of the target audience.