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Glossary overview


The word “persona” is derived from Latin, where it referred to a theatrical mask. Personas are fictional characters representing the characteristics of a certain target group. They provide goals, behaviors, preferences, and expectations and are enriched with additional personified information like name, occupation, education level, and/or information about personal life. Due to this detailed description, personas help to understand potential users better and to put a human face on otherwise abstract data. The characteristics of a persona are derived from a combination of quantitative and qualitative data, obtained through surveys or interviews. The result is a fictional character, used to answer certain questions during the creation of web projects and online marketing campaigns. A persona can provide information about the intentions a user has when visiting a website, about the content they wish for, or about the way they interact with the website. It can be used in different phases of an online project: In the analysis phase, it offers concrete notions about users and describes the potential target audience. During the project, it helps compare actual versus target performance, like expected user behavior and actual behavior.