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Glossary overview

Landing Page

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 04, 2023


A landing page, target page or arrival page is basically any web page that appears after a click on an advertising medium, such as an ad or a search engine entry.


However, as part of an online marketing campaign, special web pages are designed that are separate from the main page and optimized for specific advertising activities. The goal of a landing page is to persuade the user to take a specific action. For example, landing pages can be used to promote a specific offer, introduce a product and invite the user to make a purchase, or generate an online inquiry or booking with tourism companies.


The landing page is conceptualized for a specific target audience. Graphically and textually, the landing page must emphasize the user's desired action and not distract the visitor. To ensure the success of the marketing campaign, the landing page should meet the user's expectations and match the corresponding ad or search query.

Benefits of the Landing Page in Hotel Marketing

The most important questions about landing pages in hotel marketing

When should a landing page be used?

Landing pages should be considered for specific marketing campaigns or offers where a clear action or conversion is desired, such as bookings, inquiries or newsletter signups. They are a great way to capture visitors' attention, present relevant information and encourage them to take the desired action. Hotels can use landing pages for promotions, events, newsletter signups, spa and wellness packages, and targeted offers. By focusing on the needs of the target audience, the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, visitor interaction, and willingness to take action are increased.

What makes an effective landing page?

An effective landing page has clear call-to-action elements, engaging images, and compelling copy that highlights the offer. User-friendly navigation is essential to facilitate a smooth conversion. At the same time, the page should not appear overloaded, but should specifically incorporate other user reviews or seals of approval to build trust. Triggers, such as time limits, can also be used to stimulate visitor interest and encourage them to take the desired action.

How can the effectiveness of a landing page be tested?

Landing page performance can be monitored through a variety of metrics and analytics. These include A/B testing, conversion rate tracking, bounce rate, or even time spent on the page. By continually evaluating this data, it is possible to assess effectiveness, identify weaknesses, and make targeted optimizations to achieve desired results and increase conversions.