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Glossary overview


Armin Gögele, last updated on June 27, 2023

Explanation "Hashtag"

A hashtag is a word or phrase following a hash sign (#, also known as “pound sign”). It allows users to identify specific content on social networks and helps them navigate posts more easily. 

Where does the so-called hashtag come from?

Hashtags were first used on Twitter in 2007 and eventually became widespread also through other social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr or TikTok

Hashtags have become especially popular on Instagram, where people use them to tag and categorize their photos. Relevant hashtags can help increase visibility. They can be composed of generic words or statements but also of creative and unique words. In the advertising industry, successful keywords are even used in TV spots, on billboards, or in magazine ads.

The most important questions about Hashtags

What are the benefits of using hashtags?

By using hashtags strategically, the reach of posts on social networks can be significantly expanded. This enables the targeting of new audiences and increases overall interaction rates. Choosing the right hashtags can efficiently address specific target groups by associating the content with particular topics. Additionally, hashtags serve as a simple tool for content research and tracking current trends, offering guidance in developing audience-relevant content in digital marketing.

How can hotels utilize hashtags in marketing?

A targeted selection of the right hashtags contributes to the efficient and focused targeting of specific target groups. This is achieved by associating the content with specific topics through hashtags. Therefore, in the context of online marketing for hotels, it is advisable to consider the hashtags used in addition to analyzing the behavior and interests of the target audience. The aim should be to address a particular audience using hashtags that are popular among all travelers (e.g., #travel) will generally have little effect - targeted hashtags in a niche area (e.g., #travelsouthtyrol) will generate attention within the right target audience and thus contribute specifically to the success of a well-thought-out social media strategy for hotels.