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Glossary overview

Hotel Marketing Advertising Agency

Armin Gögele, last update 16.11.2022 


A hotel marketing agency supports all measures that lead to more awareness of the hotel, with the goal of making potential guests aware of the offer and thus increasing the profit and the general guest value. In the hotel industry, in addition to the primary goal of increasing revenue, methods are also offered that lead to more guest contacts (lead generation) or make the hotel brand better known and thus develop more target groups. 


Scope of a hotel marketing agency 

An agency specializing in hotel marketing is involved in a variety of marketing activities. The general main task of an online hotel marketing agency is to inspire the (potential) guest online with various disciplines of online marketing within the customer journey for the hotel and to stimulate a possible reservation. 


Marketing disciplines for hotels include

Offline activities such as advertisements in print media (e.g. newspapers or travel magazines), radio or TV commercials, contacts with the press or travel agencies for cooperations or direct sales via telephone.


Online measures: 

  • Email newsletter / lead generation
  • Hotel social media marketing (organic and paid)
  • Hotel Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Keyword based advertising on search engines such as Google or Bing Ads (SEA)
  • Creation of a hotel web site


A marketing agency for hotels is increasingly focusing on marketing activities on the Internet. There are many ways to increase the reach of your hotel, reach your target audience or even potential guests and successfully convert them into satisfied regular guests along the customer journey.


Top Questions about Hotel Marketing Advertising Agency

What is a Hotel Marketing Advertising Agency?

A hotel marketing agency specializes in developing and implementing marketing strategies for hotels in order to increase their visibility and attractiveness on the Internet and thus attract more guests. They offer services such as creating offline and online marketing campaigns, maintaining social media channels, designing promotional materials and marketing spaces.

Why is hotel marketing important for success?

Hotel marketing is an important factor in increasing room reservations and hotel awareness. By reaching relevant audiences through different platforms or channels, you can create a steady stream of visitors and more guest leads. Guest leads, in particular, are the foundation for data-driven online marketing, which can help you drive sustainable revenue for your hotel.

How does an agency help with hotel marketing?

If required, an agency can take over all online hotel marketing activities and monitor and optimize them. The professional experience that a hotel marketing agency brings to the table makes it easier to achieve the desired marketing goals. Especially with automated online marketing, the hotelier does not need to spend any time or effort and the hotel marketing agency's team takes care of creating and optimizing ads across all channels, newsletters as well as landing pages.

What Does a Hotel Marketing Agency Do?

A hotel marketing agency takes care of both the external presentation and the reach acquisition of hotels. Today, tools such as online marketing in all its forms are in the foreground. These are not only highly effective, but also very cost saving compared to traditional advertising. A hotel marketing agency supports hoteliers in actively marketing and increasing their own occupancy.

How much does a hotel marketing agency cost?

The question of the cost of a hotel marketing agency has to be answered individually, because it depends on the extent to which the marketing is useful and desired. However, the most effective and also the most inexpensive ways can be found in online marketing for hotels. There are countless ways to reach potential guests in a targeted and effective way, making it worthwhile for hoteliers to hire a hotel marketing agency to set up and optimize their marketing efforts.